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Velveteen Vodka

Velveteen Vodka was born out of the desire for a true sipping vodka that was smooth and creamy on the tongue. With a plethora of bourbon, scotch, and brandy choices to sip neat or on the rocks, we thought there should be a vodka worthy of such an experience.

With extreme attention to detail and slight nuances in the distilling process, from recipe to bottling, we create the Velveteen masterpiece in small batches, only utilizing the finest ingredients running through stills designed for a world-class vodka.

Experience your cocktails like never before with true sipping-quality vodka – Velveteen Vodka.

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A New Standard For Purity And Smoothness.

Small Batch

No Additives

Gluten Free

100% Real Ingredients

Ultra Creamy & Smooth

True Sipping Vodka

Made From The Best Ingredients

Our distillation system was custom made to produce the highest quality products with the best possible flavor profile. We measure, cut, and blend every element with a careful, artisanal hand, using age-old distillation techniques coupled with new-age technology to perfect our craft. With the world’s finest ingredients as the foundation, we produce each spirit in small, highly controlled batches.

What People Are Saying

Since I first tasted Velveteen Vodka I’ve never had anything else. Thank you for creating such a sipping-quality vodka !.
John Smith, London
We get a lot of products come in front of us and very few do we actually like. PURE was really surprisingly good. We had to get it in..
Jane Smith, Manchester
The best vodka I’ve ever tasted..
Darnell Chapman, New York

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